To be fair, hiring is a complex process and cant really be reduced to a simple checklist. But since its the beginning of the year and Im in a list creating mood, here are five red flags to pay close attention to, that should make you proceed with caution! 1. The Candidate Doesnt Send A Thank You Note I dont hire people who dont send a thank you note after an interview. It shows a lack of consideration and respect for the time and energy that my team and I put into vetting and interviewing that person. It might also indicate that the candidate does not really value the job and our company is not their first choice. Additionally, it speaks to the candidates social skills (or lack thereof) and suggests that the candidate might not be good at following up with and interacting with clients. Sending a thank you email (or note) is a nice gesture and candidates should do it if they want to work at our company. Sending a thank you note doesnt mean you will get the job, but not sending one is the kiss of death. 2. They Dont Research The Company Candidates need to do some research.

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